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MindfoodPublished in MiNDFOOD June issue.

Change – it’s the only constant in life. If we didn’t fully recognise this before March 2020, we certainly do now. In the past couple of years, we’ve had to cope with the unexpected over and over again. But it hasn’t been all bad. We’ve learned a lot – that we’re adaptable, resilient, robust. We’ve also learned that it pays to have a plan.

Meet Bridget

Bridget’s a savvy businesswoman and mum of three school-aged children who says that having an investment portfolio has given her the freedom and confidence to really enjoy life, whatever the future might hold.

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When she sold her share of a business four years ago, a trusted friend advised her to consider investing, and to have a chat to Alex Dalzell and Jennie Moreton at Craigs Investment Partners’ Christchurch branch.

“I had worked hard in my business and sacrificed so much,” says Bridget, a consultant. “What I hoped for next was for that money to provide me with a bit more flexibility in my life. As a single mum, I wanted to be able to scale back my hours for my children if they needed me. And with three of them, I needed that money to be able to cover larger expenses but also provide for us if I ever became ill.”

For Bridget, investing was never about having an enormous nest egg at retirement. When she explained this to Alex and Jennie, who work in partnership at Craigs, she says she felt instantly respected.

“They were so warm, open and communicative. They considered my circumstances and absolutely took into account that I’d likely experience some twists and turns in my future, and that I’d need my portfolio to be nimble and flexible.”

Investments that change when life does

Jennie says she and Alex tailored a portfolio that would do just that, “because life is never a straight line,” she explains. “We see people divorcing, or becoming widowed, being made redundant – so many different scenarios. A portfolio should provide the ability to flex as and when circumstances dictate.”

For Bridget, a novice investor, this meant maintaining some liquidity to her assets. “And we didn’t move too fast,” says Alex. “We provided really clear information around expected returns, what sort of a regular income her portfolio would provide and how Bridget could access money if she ever needed to.”

As advisers, it is really important to help educate our clients along the way. If you’re new to the sharemarket, it can be stressful seeing fluctuations. We’re there to interpret it for our clients. Alex and I are also involved in Craigs’ Women’s Wealth programme – it offers different types of events and useful insights for women to help build both knowledge and confidence around investing,” adds Jennie.

In Bridget’s case, the first time she had to test the flexibility of her portfolio was when she decided to purchase a new property. “I got in touch with Alex and Jennie to let them know, and to get some advice on how best to utilise some of my portfolio to purchase my new property. As always, they were really open with me, reassuring me that my portfolio was my asset, and that I choose how I use it. I think people get scared their money is going to be locked away forever, but it doesn’t need to be.”

Bridget says she’s also accepted “that this is probably the most expensive time of my life. I have a big family, there are activities and we want to do a trip overseas sometime. Although I plan, and there’s security, I also need to live in the now for them.”

Having made the choice to invest with Craigs, I feel secure and 100% in control of my finances,” says Bridget. “With Alex and Jennie in my corner, I feel confident, and competent. It’s put me in the driver’s seat.”

Back yourself & Ask all the questions

Bridget urges anyone new to investing to seek out the guidance and expertise of Craigs. “Put them on the list,” she says, “and back yourself. Ask all the questions. Investing isn’t just for people who want a massive sum in their account when they turn 65.”

“Investing is different for everybody,” agrees Alex. “We take stock of your position, what financial empowerment looks like to you, your short, medium and long term goals, and make sure you’ve got something in place for them all. With us, you get the benefits of sound research, and access to a qualified adviser who will help seek out the best outcomes for your situation.”

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