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Managed Portfolio Service

If you want to make the decisions on your portfolio at every step whilst being supported by personalised investment advice and market-leading research, our Managed Portfolio Service (MPS) is designed for you.

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Tailored Investment Strategies

Your investment adviser will take the time to support you to build an investment portfolio that reflects your specific preferences, objectives and appetite for risk.

Our wealth of knowledge comes from our extensive resources and capabilities, including our team of expert personal advisers, and award-winning research team. Our expertise is highly regarded, but you can choose to have as much or as little involvement as you like during the process.

Managed Portfolio Service (MPS)

MPS is about gathering the knowledge you need from us to build a customised investment portfolio, reflecting your individual preferences. You’ll be involved in investment choices, forming a partnership with an expert adviser to create a wealth strategy based on key factors such as ambition and risk appetite.

Every recommendation we make is underpinned by rigorous research, but the final decision will always be yours. With your approval, we can execute transactions, monitor investments on your behalf and handle your portfolio’s paperwork and reporting.

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Who uses this service?

MPS is suited for those who want to be actively engaged in their investment portfolio but appreciate the advice and guidance of an experienced adviser. It’s a premium service all about personal preference. It tends to suit:

  • Those who value receiving regular updates and have their investment portfolio actively monitored.
  • Those managing family wealth or that of a for-purpose organisation.
  • Those who want flexibility with payment options.
  • Experienced investors looking to delegate complex administration or are wanting the reporting and administration of their bespoke investment portfolio managed for them.
  • Those who want the option for regular drawings or lump sum payments.
  • Those preparing for retirement, have received a sum of money they want invested, or who have sold a significant asset like a farm, property or business.
  • MPS is recommended for those with approximately $250,000 or more to invest.

You can read more detailed information in our Premium Services brochure.

Featured Background
“We have been clients of Craigs for over 14 years. We needed a company with expertise, and access to in-depth market coverage. Craigs made it easy; the customised service that is offered by our Adviser has worked well for us.”
Craigs Investment Partners clients

The key benefits of MPS

Investment advisers

Our advisers partner with you to form a deep understanding of your financial situation. As a an MPS client, allow them to guide your investment journey with timely and tailored recommendations, with you having the final say before any action is taken.

Cash management

No matter what your investment portfolio looks like, you’ll always be able to access your on-call funds. On-call accounts may pay interest and offer tiered interest rates. When tiering occurs, the interest rate increases for higher balances You might choose to invest in other currencies, draw an income, or make a withdrawal for a special occasion with your own cash management account.

Award-winning research

Our industry-recognised research team provides thorough insights into local markets, reviews of the latest in global analysis and market trends, and comprehensive investment strategies. These are all right at your fingertips via daily and weekly market summaries.

Web, Client Portal, and app access

You’ll have access to the Craigs Client Portal, accessed via our website and the Craigs app. This puts control in your hands, helping you keep track of investments and stay in tune with market movements.

Portfolio management

We act on behalf of our MPS clients’ instructions. Our experience and expertise combined with award-winning research and insights means that we can provide you with the advice and comprehensive administration and reporting you need for a sound investment journey.

Administration and reporting

For our MPS clients, you have the final say before we act on your behalf, while we dutifully monitor and manage all of the day-to-day requirements that come with a well-run wealth strategy. You’ll be in the experienced hands of a trusted adviser, delivering personalised advice supported by award-winning research.

Included in this service

  • A customised service which takes into account your current circumstances, investment goals and objectives.
  • Access to an expert who understands your objectives, providing investment advice to guide your decisions.
  • Access to sound research, expert recommendations, as well as financial and market expertise.
  • A customised and future-focused service that simplifies your affairs for estate-planning.
  • Regular reviews and oversight of your investment portfolio.
  • A customised service that simplifies the operation of your investment portfolio.
  • Access to professionals that take care of investment administration.

Discretionary Investment Management Service (DIMS)

If you want the freedom to focus on other pursuits and commitments whilst having the benefits of an expert adviser managing your investment portfolio then our Discretionary Management Service (DIMS) may be made for you.

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MPS FAQs & Documents

With Craigs MPS you get to select the securities and asset classes that you want to include within your investment portfolio with the guidance, insight and support of your adviser. Unlike most funds, which are a collective set of stocks, bonds and other securities combined to create a portfolio that you don’t have a say in, with Craigs you can create a portfolio that reflects your values, goals and ambitions. Our job is to provide you with great insight, the right data and support based on our understanding of your financial situation and needs, goals and tolerance for risk. In addition we monitor your portfolio actively so you get the best of both worlds.

Premium Services Brochure
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Why Craigs?


Expert advice in your region

Our locally-based expert advisers are here to provide comprehensive investment advice and we’ll support your financial aspirations with detailed, research-based insights. With a network of 19 locations nationwide, our expertise is never far away to help you achieve your investment goals.

Global and domestic research at your fingertips

Our research team is one of the largest in New Zealand. They deliver the very latest in local and global market insights. This includes detailed information and expertise on sustainable investing to support more considered investment choices.


Supporting Kiwi investing

We’ve been a proud kiwi business since we first opened our doors in 1984 and we’re 100% owned by current and former Craigs’ staff and directors. Today we are one of New Zealand’s leading investment advisory firms. During that time, we’ve assisted over 65,000 kiwis on their investment journey.

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