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Everyone’s approach to wealth is personal. Our solutions are every bit as unique as you are.

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Investment help

At Craigs, you’ll often hear us talking about investment journeys. There are ups and downs. Successes and setbacks. Importantly, no two journeys are the same because we all have different starting points and ideas about what wealth means.

To support your journey, our team of dedicated expert advisers will work with you to deliver tailored investment solutions specific to your values and ambitions. Our partnership is based on trust and integrity, working together to find a way forward, no matter what step of the journey you’re at.

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Growing wealth

For us, partnership and understanding are key to building sustained financial success over the long term. We can tailor and personalise your portfolio and actively work with you so your investments reflect what's important for you - whatever happens in your life.

Investing when wealth changes

Selling a business, family farm, rental property or receiving an unexpected inheritance can all result in a lump sum of wealth. In these critical moments we’re here to help tailor a personalised solution so you can focus on what the future looks like for you.

Managing retirement

You may be thinking about retirement or perhaps you’re already there. We’ll work with you to manage and protect your wealth so you can achieve the lifestyle you want and deserve.

Community wealth management

It’s our privilege to support the financial growth of for-purpose organisations to maximise their impact. It’s something we’ve proudly done for much of our history, and that’s why we have a team of market-leading specialists dedicated entirely to helping our for-purpose clients.

Craigs Women’s Wealth

For over 15 years, Craigs Women’s Wealth programme has empowered women to begin investing. By improving financial confidence and knowledge, we’re proudly helping create better outcomes for women, their families, and the wider community.
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Featured Background
“We have been clients of Craigs for over 14 years. We needed a company with expertise, and access to in-depth market coverage. Craigs made it easy; the customised service that is offered by our Adviser has worked well for us.”
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Getting started

Being new to investing can be daunting, so you can trust our expert advisers to show you the way. They’ll help you understand your financial position, and craft a personalised investment portfolio based on what’s most important to you.

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With over 19 locations nationwide, you have access to expert advice to manage your wealth, wherever you are. Call your local adviser today - we’d love to chat.