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Getting Started

With 40 years of experience on our side, we know that every investment journey is different. While no two paths are the same, we all start from the same place. Let’s begin by understanding what you are looking for. One of our expert advisers will then put together an investment solution to meet your needs and preferences.

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Step One

Let’s talk

One of our dedicated, expert advisers will partner with you to start your investment journey with Craigs. We’ll start with an initial meeting to discuss your investment needs and outline our services. This will help us establish your situation and objectives. Once we know what you’re after, we’ll work out the most appropriate investment solution we can offer you.

Step Two
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What would you like to achieve?

Understanding what you’re looking for will help us identify which of our selection of service offerings would best suit you. For example:

  • Investing proceeds from the sale of your business, farm, property or inheritance
  • Looking for someone to manage your wealth
  • Start building up a portfolio
  • Access to buy and sell securities
  • Manage your KiwiSaver
Step Three

What is your investment preference?

Having insights to how you like to operate will allow our advisers to tailor their engagement to fit to your preference.

  • Do you prefer a hands-on investment, or something less time-consuming?
  • Do you want us to develop a tailored investment strategy for you?
  • Are you interested in exploring investment ideas or would you like someone to handle all the decisions for you?
  • Are you looking for someone to handle the day-to-day administration, with the ability to self-manage your own portfolio?
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Step Four

Set up your account

Once we have established how we can help you, and have confirmed the recommended service meets your needs and preferences, we can proceed with our onboarding process, welcoming you to Craigs.

Step Five

Start investing

Depending on the investment solution appropriate to your needs, we’ll implement the portfolio and help you through your investment journey.

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Common investing questions

Read through some of our common queries to help you make informed choices right from the start.

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Educational guides and videos

Make the most of our knowledge and expertise. Our short educational videos and eBooks focus on the essentials of investing, including tips from our advisers.


Assess your risk profile

By assessing this regularly, we recommend annually or as your situation changes, you can ensure that you don’t expose yourself to too much risk, or alternatively take a too conservative approach and possibly not attain the returns you would like, based on your investment timeframe.

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Introductory events

Join one of our free workshops held all over the country. We cover a range of investment topics such as investing, KiwiSaver, Women’s Wealth, Health and Wealth. Our workshops are small, interactive, and designed to promote discussion, guided by those who have done it all before.

We’re local to you. Talk to an adviser today.

With over 19 locations nationwide, you have access to expert advice to manage your wealth, wherever you are. Call your local adviser today - we’d love to chat.