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Our Broking (Sharebroking) service combines your expertise with our experience, professional advice, and relationships to empower your investment choices. You're in control of your investments and your portfolio administration while we handle the investment transactions for what you want to buy or sell. All the while providing you with access to our specialist expertise and market research.


By teaming up with Craigs, you’ll also have access to New Zealand and Australian markets, as well as foreign exchange and cash management services. With access to our specialist expertise and objective, research-based advice, you are in control, and can choose your own securities and manage your own portfolio.


Putting you in control

Our Broking service is ideal for those clients who prefer a more hands-on approach. You will be able to manage your own portfolio, choose your investment securities, and ask your adviser to execute your transactions. Through your adviser you will have access to our specialist expertise and objective, research-based advice on the securities you are considering so you can assess how well they fit into your portfolio strategy.

Who uses this service?

This service is ideal for those who already have a good understanding of shares and investing and want an investment team who can confidently take care of all the details. You’ll likely be someone who:

  • Favours a hands-on approach to investment.
  • Requires transactions to be executed on request.
  • Values an expert opinion backed by quality research.
  • Appreciates access to financial news and research through the Craigs’ Client Portal.

You can read more information from our Broking brochure.

The key benefits of Broking

Cash management account

You’ll always be able to access your on-call funds. On-call accounts may pay interest and offer tiered interest rates. At Craigs, you’ll always have complete control of your money.

Award-winning research

Our industry-recognised team provides thorough information about key events, market movements, and investment strategies. These insights are right at your fingertips via daily and weekly market summaries.

Web, Client Portal, and app access

Stay in tune with market movements by accessing our Client Portal, via our website and app.


Investment Administration Services (IAS)

This service is similar to broking, but hands over the time-intensive administrative details to us. You’ll probably be someone who already has a keen interest in investing, but still appreciates comprehensive research to support your decision-making.


Unlike other personal investment plans and ‘funds’, with mySTART® you can select from over 240 investment options, starting your investment journey your way. You might have an eye on university education, purchasing property, or that once-in-a-lifetime holiday. We’ll give you the flexibility you need, starting with as little as $100 per month.


Broking Service FAQs & Documents

There are two ways that you can instruct your investment adviser to buy or sell for you – a market order or a limit order. Market orders will go into market to execute at the best available price. You place a market order if you want to buy or sell shares and have Craigs Investment Partners execute on a best endeavours basis. A limit order places a price limit on the order. You use a limit order if you do not want to pay more or receive less than a certain price for the shares. If the market does not reach your limit price, your order will not be executed.

When your account has been set up you can start to buy and sell shares and fixed income investments through your investment adviser.

When a transaction is executed, your contract notes will be sent to you by e-mail and will be available for you to view on the Client Portal. Should you wish to receive your contract notes in other ways, please let your adviser know.

How do I pay for my transactions? 

You can pay for your purchases directly and automatically from your Craigs Investment Partners Cash Management Accounts. This ensures that all transactions are paid for within the Trade Date + 2 days (T+2 settlement) timeframe.

What happens next? 

Once the trade has been settled, you will receive a holding statement from the share registry which will detail the number of shares you own and any movements in your holdings.

A brochure cover for broking services.
Broking Brochure
PDF / 10.2 MB
Broking Client Agreement – Individual or Joint account
PDF / 461.3 KB
Investment Administration Service Application Form
PDF / 552.2 KB

Why Craigs?


Expert advice in your region

Our locally-based expert advisers are here to provide comprehensive investment advice and we’ll support your financial aspirations with detailed, research-based insights. With a network of 19 locations nationwide, our expertise is never far away to help you achieve your investment goals.

Global and domestic research at your fingertips

Our research team is one of the largest in New Zealand. They deliver the very latest in local and global market insights. This includes detailed information and expertise on sustainable investing to support more considered investment choices.


Supporting Kiwi investing

We’ve been a proud kiwi business since we first opened our doors in 1984 and we’re 100% owned by current and former Craigs’ staff and directors. Today we are one of New Zealand’s leading investment advisory firms. During that time, we’ve assisted over 65,000 kiwis on their investment journey.

We’re local to you. Talk to an adviser today.

With over 19 locations nationwide, you have access to expert advice to manage your wealth, wherever you are. Call your local adviser today - we’d love to chat.