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Sustainable investing

Sustainable investing can take on many forms, which may range from not investing in companies or sectors that operate in a harmful manner or go against a client’s values, through to impact or philanthropic investing where a client invests in companies with the intention to generate a positive social or environmental impact. At its simplest, sustainable investing is the practice of taking into consideration ESG factors when deciding how to invest money.


Many people want to integrate sustainability into their wealth strategy to some degree. To find the right balance, you’ll team up with one of our expert advisers. Together, we’ll find the balance that’s right for you, incorporating your ethical or personal preferences into your investment decisions. We’ll also draw upon the comprehensive analysis of our highly experienced research team to find solutions you can be proud of.

Guided by rigorous research

We believe in taking the time to analyse companies ourselves, so our research team has developed a proprietary framework for evaluating companies from a sustainability perspective. Our Sustainability Summaries provide an assessment of how a company scores across certain ESG factors. Each company is assigned an environmental score, a social score, a governance score and an overall sustainability score out of five.

Some of the ESG factors we consider when analysing companies are summarised below.

  • Environmental – carbon emissions, natural resource use, pollution and toxic waste, and biodiversity impact.
  • Social –product quality and safety, supporting communities, supply chain labour standards and privacy/data security.
  • Governance – skills and experience of the board, alignment with shareholders, corporate culture and corruption, and quality of reporting.

We monitor companies and engage with their management teams regularly in respect of our sustainability assessments, adjusting our sustainability views to help educate and empower you to make investment decisions that align with your values.


RIAA membership

Craigs is a member of Responsible Investment Association Australasia (RIAA), championing responsible investing and a sustainable financial system in Australia and New Zealand. It’s the largest and most active network of people and organisations in Australia and New Zealand, dedicated to ensuring capital is aligned with achieving a healthy society, environment and economy.

Supported by trusted experience

Our advisers always take the time to understand your specific investment goals, including the degree to which you wish to incorporate sustainability. By combining our knowledge with the insights of our research team, we can help you make sustainable investment decisions that align with your ethical and personal preferences.

“We take the time to analyse companies on sustainability, so we can help you make investment decisions that align with your values.”
Senior Sustainability Analyst
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