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Our team of experienced financial advisers have a proud history of building and preserving the wealth of Wellingtonians, whether they be in the city, the Wairarapa or Kapiti, and providing bespoke financial advice for local and national charities based out of the capital.


Mon-Fri, 8:30am-5pm

04 917 4330

Postal Address

PO Box 10556
Wellington 6143


Our Wellington Team

Our trusted advisers have a historic foundation of working alongside some of the city’s longest standing investment advisers and stockbrokers. Our team have close ties to the local technology sector, the wider Wellington business community, and government. We provide quality financial advice through the Craigs Women’s Wealth programme, our premium advisory services and a number of other services. We are outward looking, focusing on International and Australian markets as well as our own, with the NZX a 10-minute stroll along our waterfront.