Wealth, made truly personal.

Everyone has their own vision of what wealth means and that this can change over time. We understand the importance of a personalised approach, which is why we specialise in creating truly tailored investment portfolios and trusted partnerships that can last a lifetime.

Global knowledge.   Local to you.

You’re in experienced hands, with the backing of our award-winning research specialists. Once we’ve taken the time to listen to your story, we can help create a tailored investment portfolio using the deep expertise of our local team.
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What truly sets us apart?

Since 1984 we’ve grown into New Zealand’s leading personal wealth investment advisory firm. In that time we’ve built enduring relationships with New Zealanders across the nation - including multiple generations of families - based on trust, integrity, and exemplary service. As a New Zealand company, we have a deep understanding of Kiwi wealth needs.

We’re close at hand, every step of the way. With 19 locations nationwide, our expert advisers are in local communities throughout New Zealand. Our engagement and proud local presence means we’ve built strong relationships through truly personal service.


Locations nationwide


Nearly 40 years in business



Over 65,000 clients



$28b in client funds under management

How we can help

The conversation starts by simply listening. You might be investing in the future of your family, building towards retirement, or simply redefining success. Whatever your needs, we have a suite of local services to support your investment journey.

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Growing Wealth

For us, partnership and understanding are key to building sustained financial success over the long term. We can tailor and personalise your portfolio and actively work with you so your investments reflect what's important for you - whatever happens in your life.

Managing Retirement

You may be thinking about retirement or perhaps you’re already there. We’ll work with you to manage and protect your wealth so you can achieve the lifestyle you want and deserve.

Investing When Wealth Changes

Selling a business, family farm, rental property or receiving an unexpected inheritance can all result in a lump sum of wealth. In these critical moments we’re here to help tailor a personalised solution so you can focus on what the future looks like for you.

Craigs Women’s Wealth

For over 15 years, Craigs Women’s Wealth programme has empowered women to begin investing. By improving financial confidence and knowledge, we’re proudly helping create better outcomes for women, their families, and the wider community.

Manage your KiwiSaver

Our Craigs KiwiSaver Scheme provides more control and flexibility over your financial future, giving you the option to build a portfolio that meets your needs and expectations.
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“It’s all about trust, and we’re on the same page. We have good fun at the same time so that’s just a perfect combination.”
Craigs Investment Partners client

Where shall we begin?

Whether you’re an experienced investor or taking your first steps, we’re here to help. With expert advisers throughout New Zealand, our approach is about making you feel confident and informed, no matter where you are on your investment journey.

Wealth management

It’s all about understanding your goals and finding a way forward. Whether you’re an individual, family, or for-purpose organisation, we’ll develop a truly personal strategy to match your ambitions.

Corporate solutions

Our Investment Banking team delivers local and global results-driven insights and knowledge to our corporate clients. Work with some of the most experienced and knowledgeable minds to develop innovative financial solutions based on the goals of your organisation.

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