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Leslie Li

Investment Adviser | 投资移民,财富传承,赋能您的梦想!
Leslie Li

Leslie Li brings a wealth of experience to Craigs, having joined the team in 2019 after an impressive 5-year tenure with the ANZ Wealth team. With a diverse professional background encompassing roles in New Zealand, China, and the UK, Leslie has made significant contributions to prominent companies such as AXA, ANZ, Cigna, and Saatchi & Saatchi.

Leslie’s expertise lies in crafting investment portfolios specifically designed for clients seeking NZ AIPV, Investor Plus, Investor 2, and Parent Retirement VISA opportunities. Leslie also specialises in retirement planning and inter-generational wealth management. He’s not just about numbers; Leslie is passionate about sharing his investment insights and experiences with migrant communities through regular investment seminars.

Leslie is both an Authorised Financial Adviser (AFA) and an accredited NZX Adviser. He has further enriched his knowledge with a Masters Degree from the UK and possesses two Bachelor Degrees from China, showcasing his dedication to continuous growth and learning.

With a linguistic prowess that extends to English, Mandarin, and a solid understanding of Cantonese, Leslie is adept at breaking language barriers and fostering meaningful connections. He thrives on collaborative efforts, working closely with clients to tailor investment strategies that align with their unique aspirations. Moreover, he finds great satisfaction in assisting newcomers with the settlement process in the beautiful land of New Zealand.


Leslie Li于2019年加入Craigs团队,之前在澳新银行财富团队工作五载。他曾在新西兰、中国和英国担任多种不同职务,曾为法国AXA安盛集团、美国Cigna信诺保险和中国碧桂园集团等世界五百强公司效力。

Leslie精通为新西兰AIPV,一类投资移民(Investor Plus),二类投资移民(Investor 2)和父母退休投资移民的客户打造投资组合。他热衷于通过定期的投资研讨会将自己的投资洞察和经验分享给广大华人社群。


  • Certificate of Authorisation AFA (2017)
  • Masters in European Business, University of the West of England (2008)
  • Bachelor of Arts (Business Administration and English), Harbin Uni of Science and Technology (2008)
  • NZX Adviser