Hands on investing - Suitable if you need assistance buying or selling your own choice of securities but prefer to undertake all portfolio administration yourself.  Through your investment adviser, you have access to our specialist expertise and objective research-based advice on securities so you can assess how well they fit into the portfolio strategy you have decided to follow.

How do I buy and sell shares and other securities?

When your account has been set up you can start to buy and sell shares and fixed income investments through your investment adviser.

Can I set the price when buying or selling my investments?

There are two ways that you can instruct your investment adviser to buy or sell for you – a market order or a limit order. Market orders will go into market to execute at the best available price. You place a market order if you want to buy or sell shares and have Craigs Investment Partners execute on a best endeavours basis. A limit order places a price limit on the order. You use a limit order if you do not want to pay more or receive less than a certain price for the shares. If the market does not reach your limit price, your order will not be executed.

What happens after an order has been executed?

When the transaction is executed, you will be sent a contract note, which gives you details of the transaction and also serves as an invoice. You can elect to have your contract notes either e-mailed or posted to you. We strongly recommend receiving contract notes to your preferred email address.

What are the charges?

Brokerage charges apply for purchases or sales of any investment and these charges can differ depending on the type of investment being traded. Brokerage charges are usually a percentage of the value of the transaction, see table below.

broking fee

You can pay for your purchases directly and automatically from your Craigs Investment Partners Cash Management Accounts. This ensures that all transactions are paid for within the Trade Date + 2 days (T+2 settlement) timeframe.

Once the trade has been settled, you will receive a holding statement from the share registry which will detail the number of shares you own and any movements in your holdings.