Our two Premium Services: Discretionary Investment Management Service (DIMS) and Managed Portfolio Service (MPS) offer a personalised approach to your portfolio. 

Who uses Premium Services?

We offer two Premium Services: Discretionary Investment Management Service (DIMS) and Managed Portfolio Service (MPS). Both our Premium Advisory Services offer a customised approach to your portfolio. Ultimately, it comes down to the level of ongoing involvement you would like. With both services, you will receive a tailored investment strategy that is customised to your investment objectives and appetite for risk. This can be based on our best practice portfolio framework or managed to a specific mandate. With both services, your adviser will provide you with ongoing, tailored advice underpinned by our expert research team. You can be confident that the advice you receive or the decisions that are made are based on thorough analysis. These services are available to both existing and new clients who have $250,000 or more to invest.

DIMS means you can delegate investment decisions to your qualified adviser. Those decisions will be made based on the parameters you set together upfront.

MPS means your decision is required before your adviser will act on any recommendations. MPS enables you to have the final approval over investment decisions, whilst we look after the day-to-day administration. The control remains with you; we take care of all the necessary actions.


How we charge for these services

For the Discretionary Investment Management Service, you will be charged an integrated service fee. The service fee will include all associated brokerage charges for the purchase and sale of securities held in the portfolio*.

For the Managed Portfolio Service, you will be charged a service fee and broking charges will apply when you buy and sell securities*.

The service fee is for the monitoring of your portfolio, the advice provided by your adviser, as well as the ongoing administration of your portfolio.

The service fee is calculated on the value of your portfolio at the end of each quarter and deducted from your cash management account quarterly.

*Applicable exchange levies, foreign exchange and agency charges will be charged to you at the time of trade.


Please note these fees are inclusive of GST if any.

An example for a MPS portfolio: If the value of your portfolio is $900,000, we will charge 1.00% on $750,000 of the portfolio and 0.75% on $150,000 of the portfolio. Therefore, the service fee charged on this portfolio for the year would be $8,625.

Broking charges for MPS portfolios:

The Broking table shows the maximum charges for different securities.


Who are Custodial Services Limited?

We look after every aspect of your portfolio management. Our custodian (Custodial Services Limited) will take care of all the paperwork and ongoing administration.

Custodial Services Limited is a subsidiary of Craigs Investment Partners Limited. Acting as a bare trustee, the company holds your investments in trust for you.