At Craigs we provide you with the flexibility to build a portfolio of investments from our list of Investment Options.

We have over 190 investment options available for you to invest in.

Our Investment Options include a range of equity, fixed interest, investment trusts, NZ managed funds, index funds and listed property trust investments, available on local and international listed and unlisted markets, together with cash and the QuayStreet Funds.

If you would like to review and make changes to your portfolio please contact your Craigs investment adviser or our Client Services team.





MSFT is a leading maker of enterprise and consumer software products. MSFT is also well known for its Xbox gaming console and its internet business with interests in online search (Bing), display advertising and online content.

MSFT is a high-quality innovative company with sustainable moats primarily through the high switching costs associated with most of its products and the close integration and widespread use of its various businesses which create a strong network for MSFT products.

MSFT’s biggest advantage is its ability to leverage off its massive base of enterprise clients. Consulting and business partners, who sell MSFT’s cloud services to their client base, have found that existing MSFT customers have more interest in Microsoft Azure because of their long-term relationship with the company. The largest threats facing MSFT are the increasing competition in the Technology sector, in combination with the move to mobile devices.

MSFT is a highly profitable company and a cash machine, generating over UD$31bn in free cash-flow per annum which management have wisely reinvested back into the business or returned to shareholders. We view MSFT as a must own stock within global equity portfolios.




FGT’s investment objective is to achieve capital and income growth and deliver total return in excess of that of its benchmark, the FTSE All-Share Index (net dividends reinvested), primarily by investing in UK equities.

FGT has a very concentrated portfolio of stocks with the top ten holdings making up over 80% of the fund. Given FGT’s unconstrained investment and policy, the portfolio has a heavy emphasis on branded consumer goods and services, media and financial services. This concentration in only a few broad sectors results in a very different portfolio when compared to its benchmark, the FTSE All-Share Index.

The highly concentrated nature of the portfolio and its high exposure to just four industries does raise the risk of near-term volatility relative to its benchmark. However, the defensive nature of many of the stocks within the portfolio together with the manager’s stock picking track record are opportunities for the Trust.

We view FGT has an attractive way to gain exposure to the UK stock market. We like the managers focus on quality companies with attractive long-term growth prospects and his willingness to ride through periods of market volatility and hold companies for the long-term.




FPH designs, manufactures and markets respiratory and acute care (RAC) products used in ventilation and oxygen therapy, as well as products used to treat obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). FPH has developed specialised expertise in heated humidification that forms the basis of its strong market position and product differentiation.

FPH’s high-value niche products enjoy impressive positions in various international medical device markets, facilitating high levels of profitability and impressive returns on investment. FPH has generated attractive growth opportunities by expanding into new geographies and developing additional products, leveraging its technology advantage.

FPH has large opportunities, particularly with growing adoption of its Optiflow product. New technologies being developed by competitors, along with changes in regulation in its key markets are FPH’s key threats.

In the near-term, one of the key catalysts for the stock has been the increased use of FPH’s products to combat the outbreak of COVID-19. While FPH’s valuation can appear rich, we think investors should focus on the long-term prize. For example, the addressable market for Optiflow is less than 10% penetrated.


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