At Craigs we provide you with the flexibility to build a portfolio of investments from our list of Investment Options.

We have over 190 investment options available for you to invest in.

Our Investment Options include a range of equity, fixed interest, investment trusts, NZ managed funds, index funds and listed property trust investments, available on local and international listed and unlisted markets, together with cash and the QuayStreet Funds.

If you would like to review and make changes to your portfolio please contact your Craigs investment adviser or our Client Services team.




Alibaba was founded in 1999 in Hangzhou originally as a company geared towards helping small businesses use the internet to grow and compete more effectively.

Today Alibaba is the world’s largest ecommerce ecosystem. BABA is a high quality business with strong growth, sustainable moats, strong and stable cash flow and reinvestment opportunities and an impressive management team.

BABA has enduring competitive advantages given its unparalleled leadership position in China’s online and mobile commerce. It’s ecommerce network system funnel users to other parts of the platform, providing a compelling value proposition to both merchants and customers. However, its intensive investment cycle is a key risk to its operating and profitability metrics.

Given BABA’s strong brand and leading position in a fast growing and highly profitable market with a long term growth path we think investors are more than compensated for the slightly elevated risks of investing in BABA.



MFT is a global supply chain logistics provider with operations in NZ, Australia, Asia, US and Europe. MFT offers a full supply chain solution from managed warehousing to international and domestic freight forwarding.

MFT has a proven track record and a strong market position in Australasia where the bulk of earnings are derived. MFT’s growing global footprint has provided network benefits to New Zealand and Australia, and is beginning to contribute strongly in its own right, to set position the company for future growth.

MFT’s key opportunity is to grow and intensify its network. Threats include increased competition and deteriorating economic conditions.

Despite some short-term uncertainty around the impacts of COVID-19, MFT remains a core portfolio holding, the company has excellent growth potential and benefits from any weakness in the New Zealand dollar. MFT is a quality stock to gain exposure to global trade growth.



XRO provides an online accounting solution for small businesses and consumers primarily in New Zealand, Australia, the UK and the US.

One of XRO’s key innovations has been to use accountants as the key sales channel. XRO has enticed accountants with great success in Australia, New Zealand and the UK by enabling them to offer better value services to clients, and providing cloud based software that is fully integrated with the end user software.

One of XRO’s key opportunities is its ability to build out its product ecosystem, creating multiple growth opportunities for the company. A threat that XRO faces is the maturing of its market share in New Zealand and increasing competition in the technology sector.

XRO provides a high quality exposure to the technology sector and adds a growth angle to portfolios.



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