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International Women's Day 2024

In light of this year’s International Women’s Day theme, #InspireInclusion we asked a number of people in our business a simple question - what does inclusion mean for you and how do you inspire inclusion at work and in your daily life?

Inclusion is important to us and this is reflected in our company values. It requires everyone to play their part in fostering an inclusive environment regardless of their position. International Women’s Day is an opportunity for us to stop and reflect on progress made whilst recognising there is always work to be done.

Two ladies discussing a project in a meeting.

Chief Technology Officer

Glen McLatchie

For me it’s all about allowing people to feel safe and be heard, in whatever capacity works for them.  Certain cultures, genders and personalities can easily use up all the oxygen in a room and we can miss valuable and often diverse insights.


I try to monitor who’s holding the virtual speaking stick, it’s a lesson I learned early in my career because too often it was me. I also ask about the other person and pay attention, else you’ll miss something fascinating.

Head of Strategy

Hannah Gillespie

For me inclusion means creating an environment where everyone can feel comfortable to be their whole selves and can feel like they belong.

At work I try to inspire inclusion by being myself, contributing in my own unique way, and valuing all perspectives.


Vanessa Stevens

Inclusion to me is being given the opportunity to be involved and to feel welcomed when you take that opportunity up. No one likes to feel like an unwanted outsider! I think inclusion can be achieved through even the smallest of gestures such as including different people in conversations to help make them feel like a valued part of a team and that you are interested in their opinions and stories.


Jennifer Moreton

For me, inclusion means everyone having the same opportunity to contribute in all parts of society regardless of gender, ethnicity, or background. In my life I encourage everyone to use their voice and to listen to the views of those around them, in their workplaces and in the wider community. By being open to the views of others, we can all learn and broaden our understanding of others, and as a consequence more inclusivity will follow.


Simon Tong

Inclusion for me is about listening and respecting views from all walks and stages of life. Everyone should expect to have their voice heard and be respected. There is always something to learn if you are willing to set aside your own views, keep quiet and listen. I work hard to ensure that is how I turn up every day in my work and personal life.

Investment Adviser, Christchurch

Alexandra Dalzell

Inclusion for me is about recognising all people, being curious and learning about cultures, choices, and values and educating myself beyond what I have previously experienced.


In my daily life I make sure I will meet people I can learn from, I listen to podcasts and read and listen to books about a diverse range of societies and situations, and I always check in on my privilege.


In my work I want to ensure that financial and investing literacy can be accessed by all. I want to be available to facilitate conversations about money and pass on all the knowledge that I have been fortunate to have gained over the years.

Head of Quality of Advice

Retha Willemse

Being heard and seen versus just tolerated. For me it comes down to the basics really. I think to really listen makes me feel included.

Head of Marketing and Communications

Tania Bui

To me inclusion is when everyone feels heard and valued, irrespective of their background or identity. As humans we all want to belong, be accepted and feel safe to bring and be our whole selves.


Creating an environment where you feel safe, valued and respected is something I’m always conscious of doing. Sometimes that’s hard when life gets in the way, but I know how vital it is to support others to be able to turn up as their best, whole self at work and at home – because that’s important for me too.

Head of People and Performance

Angie Smith

In my work, I think it is important that we provide equal opportunities and don’t tolerate discrimination. We measure Craigs Employees sentiment of Inclusion across the business through our Employee Engagement Survey, this highlights any areas we need to provide more support to. I also find Unconscious Bias training really helpful, as everyone has implicit or unconscious bias, so understanding the subconscious attitude that affects the way we feel and think about others is important and by uncovering these we are then able to overcome them

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