Craigs Investment Partners Investment Banking^ has been announced as the winner of the Euromoney Awards for Excellence 2020 - 'Best Investment Bank in New Zealand'.

The Euromoney Awards for Excellence are one of the most respected awards in the financial services industry. The Global awards cover best in class awards in all regions, and single out the outstanding institutions in finance. They recognise institutions and individuals that demonstrate leadership, innovation, and momentum in the markets in which they excel.

This is the fifth time Craigs has won this award in the past seven years. The award recognises Craigs’ position in the New Zealand market as a business focused on delivering excellence for clients.

“This recognition from one of the finance industry’s most prestigious awards reflects the capability and experience from the Craigs team, who are committed to deliver excellent outcomes for their clients." said Frank Aldridge – Managing Director; Craigs Investment Partners.

Brett Shepherd, CEO of Craigs Investment Partners Investment Banking, remains bullish on the outlook for both debt and equity capital markets and mergers and acquisitions in New Zealand. Unprecedented levels of capital and lower cost of capital requirements from purchasers, continued access to low cost and longer term debt, both through banks and capital markets, as well as strong equity markets, provides a robust platform for continued market activity. Participants continue to focus on high quality opportunities. New Zealand continues to be a benchmark for quality and will remain a focus both locally and globally.