You can choose to add our Investment Administration Service to your Broking Service agreement with us. Let us look after the paperwork and any actions affecting your portfolio while you focus on investment decisions.

What is the Investment Administration Service?

This service facilitates the administration for your portfolio, by having your investments managed by our custodian (Custodial Services Limited). This should save you time and worry; including the facilitation of corporate actions, contract notes, receipt of income (dividends), and tax reporting. At a glance, our service includes:

Who uses the Investment Administration Service?

The Investment Administration Service is right for you if:

  • You like to be in control of all your investment decisions including the make up of your portfolio and individual selection of investments
  • You are too busy to attend to the administration associated with your investments, or you would simply prefer it be taken care of by professionals
  • You want to stay informed about events affecting your investments (e.g. dividends; share splits) but don’t want to deal with the associated paperwork
  • You own international shares and wish to avoid the costs and delays of having share certificates issued and physically delivered to you
  • You wish to consolidate your investments into one place and easily track your investments
  • You travel frequently or live overseas and want to know that the administration associated with your investments is taken care of while you are away

What are the costs?

There is no establishment fee for transferring existing investments to the Investment Administration Service. A six-monthly administration fee is calculated on the value of the portfolio at the end of each six-month period. Any charges are automatically deducted from available funds in your Craigs Investment Partners Cash Management Accounts.

Full details of our fees are available from a Craigs Investment Partners adviser.