You can choose to add our Investment Administration Service to your Broking Service agreement with us. Let us look after the paperwork and any actions affecting your portfolio while you focus on investment decisions.

Key features of this service

  • Consolidate your portfolio. You can access global markets and hold your entire global portfolio in one account.
  • Access to a financial adviser. You can discuss your trades and holdings with a financial adviser to get their perspective on markets and other investments.
  • Access to research and resources. You will have access to our extensive range of research, strategy reports and our News & Views publication via our client portal and mobile app.
  • Limited paperwork for you. We look after the paperwork, so you do minimal administration. We will take care of dividends and the administration of corporate actions.
  • A custodian will hold your investments. Your assets and investments are registered in the name of Custodial Services Limited (CSL) but held by CSL on your behalf in a bare trustee capacity. Although CSL assumes legal title of your securities, you retain beneficial ownership of your securities at all times. CSL is a wholly owned subsidiary of Craigs Investment Partners Limited.
  • Reports on how your portfolio is performing. You will be sent regular reports to keep you informed about your investments.
  • Annual tax reporting. At the end of your nominated tax year, we will send you a consolidated tax statement to help you manage your tax obligations. We can also send this to your accountant at your request.
  • 24-hour access. You can check your investment portfolio anywhere, at any time with 24-hour access via our client portal and mobile app.

Our Investment Administration Service offers you

  • Active control and management of your own investments, making all decisions but leaving the administration to us.
  • Access to an expert about specific shares.
  • Control of your investment decisions, including how your portfolio is made up and choosing individual securities that make up your portfolio.
  • An expert to deal with the administration associated with your investments.
  • The ability to implement your investment objectives and your risk profile.

How we charge for this service

For the Investment Administration Service you will be charged a service fee and broking charges will apply when you buy and sell securities.

Service fee

The service fee is calculated on the value of your portfolio at the end of each quarter and deducted from your account. The service fee is for the administration of your portfolio and the regular reporting that is provided to you.

sharebroking market broking fee

The service fee shown is not subject to GST.

An example of fees for investing in individual securities

An example: If the value of your portfolio is $900,000, we will charge 0.35% on $750,000 of the portfolio and 0.25% on $150,000 of the portfolio. Therefore, the fees charged on this portfolio for the year would be $3,000.


Broking charges will apply when you buy or sell securities*. The table below shows the maximum charges for different securities.

*Applicable exchange levies, foreign exchange and agency charges will be charged to you at the time of trade.

sharebroking broking fee

Full details of our fees are available from a Craigs Investment Partners adviser.