Our premium service is best suited to investors who want ultimate control over their investments; whilst we look after the day-to-day management. Our Advisers provide you with ongoing tailored advice backed by an expert research team so you can be confident that advice you receive is sound and based on thorough analysis.

Who uses Managed Portfolio Service?

The Managed Portfolio Service could be right for you if:

  • You are looking for someone you can trust to actively look after your investments and offer you sound, highly personalised investment advice based on robust research, your risk profile and our investment philosophy
  • You are too busy to attend to the administration associated with your investments or you would prefer it to be taken care of by professionals
  • The responsibility of record-keeping and decision making associated with the investment paperwork has become too much for you
  • You wish to simplify your affairs for estate-planning purposes
  • You are a trustee and need the comfort of regular reviews and oversight of your investments to meet your legal responsibilities under the Trustee Act (1956)
  • You are a trustee and want to simplify the operation of your investment portfolio so that you no longer need to get all of the Trustee’s signatures for the endless stream of investment documentation
  • You travel frequently or live overseas and want to know that your investments are taken care of while you are away

What are the costs?

  • There is no establishment fee for the Managed Portfolio Service and no charges for transferring existing investments to Custodial Services.
  • Brokerage charges will apply for any new investments added to your portfolio or investments sold.
  • A quarterly management fee is calculated on the value of the portfolio at the end of each quarter. This fee recognises the value of monitoring of your portfolio, the ongoing advice provided and the administration and custody of your investments by the custodian, Custodial Services Limited.

Annual service fee table

Who are Custodial Services Limited?

The comprehensive administration service for the Managed Portfolio Service is provided by a custodian – Custodial Services Limited (Custodial Services).

Custodial Services is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Craigs Investment Partners Limited. Acting as a bare trustee, the company holds your investments in trust for you.