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Investing Know-How Videos

Craigs Investment Partners brings you the Investing Know-How videos. The short educational videos focus on investment basics, from how to get started to the importance of diversification as well as more general advice for those of you new to the investing world.

Three financial rules to teach your children

In this video, Three financial rules to teach your children,  Lawrence shares the money tips he wishes someone had given him when he was young.

Share Market Explained in Two Minutes 

In this video, Share Market Explained in Two Minutes,  Lawrence demystifies key aspects of financial markets.

    Five Steps to Start Investing

    This video in the Investing Know-How series covers the five steps to start investing to guide you on starting your investment journey.



    In this video, Lawrence details a key consideration when building your investment portfolio, having the appropriate asset allocation and diversification.

    How to Select Good Shares

    In this video in the Investing Know-How series, How to Select Good Shares, Lawrence summarises the five key factors you should consider when selecting shares to add to your investment portfolio.

    3 Advantages of Listed Property vs. Unlisted Property

    In this video in the Investing Know-How series, Lawrence looks at the pros and cons of either direct investment, buying a rental property directly, or investing in property via a listed vehicle.

    Two reasons to consider KiwiSaver

    This video highlights the key benefits of KiwiSaver and explains why the sooner you start, the easier it can be to build up your retirement savings.