Craigs Investment Partners, 28 April 2023

Professional development for employees and quality outcomes for clients are the founding principles of a new Adviser Academy launched by Craigs Investment Partners.

The company has collaborated with The University of Auckland Business School’s executive training team to develop a curriculum focused on building core competencies in financial advisory best practice. The programme aims to foster personal and professional growth in a supportive and trusting environment through dedicated focus on employee development needs.

The inaugural cohort is made up of 43 investment advisers who have joined Craigs within the past two years. Head of Advisory Tim Kiefte says the programme is part of a long-term strategy.

“Craigs has a nationwide network of over 180 investment advisers, and we are committed to the ongoing development of each and every one. Our people have shown a strong interest in the Adviser Academy and we will look to shape the programme to suit the audience and develop the curriculum year on year.”

The programme comprises three symposiums, bridged by a series of expert-led virtual masterclasses focused on building the relationship and business skills directly applicable to the advisers’ day to day work challenges and opportunities. The focus of the symposiums will change as participants move through the programme. The April symposium included a panel interview with senior Craigs’ investment advisers Sandra Quemba, Tom Woodhams and Stephen Hendry.

Kiefte says the hybrid nature of the programme provides an intentional balance of engaging with information and relationship building across the cohort.

“For our newer advisers, the opportunity to build connections across our national network and leverage the experience of their colleagues is just as valuable as the prescribed courses. For our clients, it means more confident and capable advisers who are well-equipped to provide the tailored financial advice that Craigs is known for.”