Updated: 12 May 2020

As most will be aware, the shift in alert levels means many businesses across the country can now open for staff and clients with appropriate measures in place. As a result, we would like to update you on Craigs Investment Partners (Craigs) approach under COVID-19 Alert Level 2.

Keeping Clients and Staff Safe

  • Our preference remains for client appointments to be via phone, but we understand there will be circumstances where a face-to-face meeting is required. Therefore, on Thursday 14th May we will re-open our offices to clients for pre-arranged appointments. If you are feeling unwell or showing cold or flu-like symptoms please refrain from coming into our offices and instead email or phone your investment adviser.
  • In advance of your appointment your investment adviser will email you a copy of our health and safety protocols, so you can be assured prior to your appointment that our workplace is safe. We have also added a note to our website that contains the latest information regarding precautions for office visits.
  • All Craigs hosted events will remain postponed until further notice.
  • The majority of Craigs employees will continue working remotely from home but we will be allowing a small proportion of staff to work from Craigs offices under strict social distancing precautions.


Important to note prior to visiting our branches/offices for your pre-arranged appointment

  • During COVID-19 alert level-two, our branches across the country will be open for pre-arranged appointments only.
  • If you are feeling unwell or showing flu-like symptoms we ask that you do not visit our branches and instead encourage you to speak with your Investment Adviser by email or phone.
  • When you arrive for your appointment you will required to ‘check in’ for contact tracing purposes via our electronic system by scanning the QR code located on our front office doors prior to entering the reception area. Please let your Adviser or reception staff know if for any reason you cannot scan the QR code and they will log you in for contact tracing purposes.
  • Please keep the recommended 2 meters apart from each other and staff when in our building and use the hand sanitiser that we’ll provide as you enter our reception area.
  • Our reception area will be marked, and we ask that when approaching reception, you please stay behind the 2-metre marking.
  • Upon arrival your Investment Adviser will meet you at reception and take you to a meeting room where 2- metre social distancing can be adhered to.
  • Your Investment Adviser will open and close all doors to prevent you from contacting any common surfaces unnecessarily.
  • All meeting rooms will be thoroughly cleaned between meetings.
  • Under COVID-19 alert level 2 we will not be offering coffee or tea in meetings to ensure we stay in line with the guidelines provided by MOH. You are welcome to bring your own.



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